Amazon, with its slogan Famous lost in the jungle was a reality show created by Chilevisión, first program of its kind in the channel. This production raised than 10 participants will survive in the jungle of Peru, and therefore should be adapted to the conditions in which Boras indigenous people live, as they should spend with 35 days with them; among other things, this included animals hunt and eat exotic dishes. The program premiered on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 under the leadership of Cristián Sánchez. The filming would take place from Iquitos in Peru. Its main theme is entitled "In the Amazon" and is interpreted by the Chilean singer Rigeo.

After several days of rumors on television and in the media, on July 26, 2012 (one week released the program) it is revealed by the Chilean press that the argument presented by the reality is a hoax and actually footage of Chilevisión are made in a resort located 30 km from the city of Iquitos (and not in the locations of the Peruvian jungle belonging to the bora tribe, if not a little further), where participants reside and have all amenities suposed not have in production, including hot water, electricity, television, internet, among others, the alleged members of bora people shown in the program would be actors.

The deception was discovered and came out on the press mainly by the discovery of the Facebook account of an alleged member of the tribe that has photos that present objects that the bora people naturally do not possess and providing services previously mentioned. In addition, the actor mentions that dominates the Peruvian Spanish and American English, being that the program suggests that indigenous hardly write.

The reality show of Chilevisión, was a huge ratings success, was filmed on the grounds of Amazon Camp, with the tribe of the Boras allies of our company and the safety and comfort for the whole crew to be staying in near the lodge. If you want to know the protagonists ... do not hesitate to hire a tour with our company, you will not regret.