Anaconda is a 1997 horror film directed by Peruvian Luis Llosa, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and Jon Voight in the lead roles. Awarded the 1998 ALMA Awards Jennifer Lopez and the BMI Film Music Award 1998 (Randy Edelman) prize

A group of filmmakers who navigates the Amazon River commissioned by National Geographic, to make a documentary about the mysterious tribe Shirishama. Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) is the director of the documentary and accompanying cameraman Danny Rich (Ice Cube), the soundman Gary Dixon (Owen Wilson), anthropologist Steve Cale (Eric Stoltz), producer Denise Kahlberg (Kari Wuhrer) , host Warren Westridge (Jonathan Hyde) and captain Matthew. On the way down the river rescued Paul Sarone (Jon Voight), whose boat had capsized.

The strange character tells them that he knows how to get to the Shirishama and offers to guide them, but actually leads them to the place where a there is monstrous anaconda, which will unleash hell for everyone. It all starts when, after rescuing Sarone, a rope gets stuck on a boat propeller and Steve will release her but suddenly everyone sees him drowning, Gary and Danny rescue, Sarone see that what occurred was because a wasp was in his mouth and with the help of Matthew makes him an artificial respirator. Sarone says he had to take him to a hospital insisting that they take their route, in the end manages to convince and with the help of Gary broke a fence (for the route) with dynamite, but with the explosion fall almost all the barrels of gasoline.

Later see a boat where the poacher died (Danny Trejo) then Sarone with the help of Dany down a trunk and Captain Matthew seeing that his companions moved rushes but slips and falls into the water, the Anaconda catches him and starts to strangle and captain dies. On another occasion they tied to Sarone because cheating and cowardy but cunning Sarone breaks with a knife and attacks Dany and Terri with a rifle and Westridge very terrified jumps to waterfall but monstrous Anaconda manages to catch him from a tree. The strength of the animal is such that the tree breaks and falls over Terri’s ship. Terri and Danny go to a strange empty house and found many barrels with fuel, Sarone appears by surprise and moors them. Another giant Anaconda attacks and Sareone captures it, then the animal move to go in the direction of Sarone and swallops him Dany then burns the animal with gasoline.

Anaconda is a film that was shot in the tributaries of the Amazon River, including the Momon River, location of the Amazon Camp lodge. In 1997, both Jennifer Lopez as his costars, could enjoy the service and hospitality of Amazon Camp lodge where they were staying several nights.