The strange, provocative, lewd and disturbing forest is the scenario where Pantaleon Pantoja must carry out his mission: to provide female visitors to military population who lives in the Peruvian Amazon and thus to diminish the high rate of violations in the area.

Francisco Lombardi, the most important Peruvian filmmaker of the last period, which in the past adapted for the big screen “The city and the dogs”, also proposes a version of Pantaleón and both novels of one of the Peruvian with most universal vocation, Mario Vargas Llosa. The adaptation of Lombardi tour on the need entrusted to Colonel Pantaleon Pantoja, our guide on this tour to  the fiery heart of humanity, and he will unveil the meanders of the armed institutions such as the growing power of the press. Always threatening, always moralistic.

With a simple argument with a character that shows every detail of his journey, almost never leaving the plane, Pantaleon undergoes a series of transformations on mercy of lust, either by ingestion of foods whose aphrodisiac power he checks, or because the constant exposure to women visitors : he is the manager of this "enviable" work.

With obvious plot twists, to hold a one-way story, Pantaleon succumb to the charms of Colombia, one of the specialists that he is responsible for, causing with this the alleged moral sense of the work, reduced to fidelity. Equally Manichaean is the demonstration of the power of the radial moralizing press in this remote place in the Amazon whose dramatic and humorous changes contribute to the moralizing story that is woven around Mr. Panta.

As the footage progresses, Pantaleon is succumbing to the Special Services (statement could generalize: Pantaleon succumbs to women) and in a second moment, almost in parallel, is succumbing to the jungle and lifestyle it offers. Pantaleon is only recognized as a victim of circumstances concerning him; a soldier who follows orders, serving the country by providing women, favors the principle of effectiveness, falls in love, is vindictive and assumes his fall with some pride. Ultimately, it is all too human.

This persecution of humanity or its unveiling, is happening plane to plane. Pantaleon’s resignation, because therefore ordered, to his uniform stiffness, his prudish sex life, making love with his wife on Saturday night only and becomes a victim of the jungle and its charms, to do up to three times a day. In the same way his loyalties will: from a settled army in Lima to his pimp comrades, with whom learns the sense of irresponsibility, something so human and even something as predictable for subjects as straight as Pantaleon.

In this film, Lombardi builds strong characters, who discover their contradictions that overwhelm them leaving for their humanity and succumbing to themselves, to discover in it their true nature and the nature of others, and realizing that we are equal again. Always men, always males and by extension too fragile, Lombardi recreates Pantaleón and the Special visitors, in a lush environment, the tragic character of lasciviousness.