The new film by Gianfranco Quattrini is a madcap musical tragicomedy that is premised join the Argentine rock with Peruvian cumbia, in a psychedelic journey that starts in Buenos Aires of the 60s and continues in Iquitos today.

If "Chicha your mother", his first film, Quattrini exploded in a big way the colors and flavors of the popular culture of Lima, in Diamond Santoro and the rope of the dead Peruvian-Argentine filmmaker seems to go a step further and go to the originating sources, the cradle of the Amazonian cumbia.

In this film we can know the Diamond title played by Robertino Granados, a ex-rocker that 40 years ago led a legendary band of Buenos Aires under a project that was cut short by the death of Nicky, his brother and fellow virtuose musical budy.

After this tragic event, Diamond collapsed into a stray existence, choosing the ostracism and exile in the US Haunted by the ghost deNicky, never again wrote a song and put his life on track.

Pierina, the last girlfriend of Nicky, whem learn that Diamond had a heart problem, sends him an old artist book of Nicky. To meet again with that book of his brother, his sensitivity and the plan of an unfinished journey, Diamond takes a trip to Iquitos. He is determined to find the Master Ayahuasquero Solon, whom his brother had planned to visit, to participate in the ceremony, wishing that it definitely clean his guilt and pain.

As you would have seen in the film also, is involved the Peruvian magdyel ugaz, with Lucho Cáceres and Cindy Diaz, two actors who this year will double: the first also appear in "Dark Sky" and the second stars in the Spanish film "Evelyn" which opens in June.

The motley cast of "Diamond Santoro" includes the popular comic Manolo Rojas, who in the film seems to play a cumbia singer, an admirer of Diamond Santoro.

The first part of Diamond Santoro was filmed in Argentina in February 2012 and continued filming in July in Iquitos and among other scenarios the jungle and Amazon Camp facilities was used.